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Cup The only time in the history of association football in which an official championship ended up being championed ex aequo by more than one team, in this case there were three. Dwarf tossing A sporting competition where padded dwarfs are thrown by competitors. Chandre Oram A man in India with a 13-inch (33 cm) tail. Tsu Station By kana, the tersest railway station in Japan, serving the capital of an equally terse prefecture. Death by misadventure Death probably due after one saying "Hold my beer, and watch this!" Defenestration The time-honoured tradition of throwing people out of windows. Music edit Example of an instrument recently added to the inventory. Tanganyika laughter epidemic What happens when contagious laughter becomes an actual epidemic. Godwin's law Every long, protracted online discussion always ends with comparisons of others to Hitler. " Jeg har set en rigtig negermand " A Danish #1 single from 1970, extolling the virtues of racial equality while calling a "negro man" "black as a bucket of tar". Flemish Secession hoax Our regular programming is now interrupted to declare independence from Belgium. The last goal was scored in 1909. Hundeprutterutchebane Translates to Dog Fart Switchback. Space opera in Scientology scripture.

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Sexi suomi sex work net helsinki War of the Bucket Started when Modenese sexi suomi sex work net helsinki soldiers stole a bucket from a city well in Bologna. Execution by elephant An unusual form of capital punishment used throughout history. Gorillas in comics A curious abundance of gorillas in comic book plots during the Silver Age of Comics. Garden hermit In case you are in need of some backyard friends. Maggot therapy Those hungry, wriggling little larvae will clean up festering wounds because they are hungry.
Dildo Island An island in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, which is the largest of three islands located at the entrance to Dildo Tip in the bottom of Trinity Bay, off the coast of the neighboring town of Dildo. Bog Standard Gallery It's a museum. Dinny's companion is "Mr. Bicycle infantry Soldiers have occasionally been trained to use the bicycle for military purposes. Hollywood Freeway chickens A colony of feral chickens that have been living underneath a highway off-ramp since 1970. Amputate and change your gender. Pasilalinic-sympathetic compass Telepathic communication is not possible in snails no matter how far apart they may. One, four, seventeen, twenty-four." Minkowski's question mark function A function with an unusual notation and possessing unusual fractal properties. Tentacle erotica Human- cephalopod sexual relations, popular in hentai. Jimmy Carter rabbit incident Former.S. No, it's the 10:13 to Venus. Preserved Fish Must be salty. How does one patch KDE2 under FreeBSD? The Great Stink An actual 19th-century event in the history of London, where the stench of human stool emanating from the River Thames was so overpowering, that it interfered with the work of the House of Commons and is claimed to have ground the city. An artist's impression of one of Xenu 's space planes.

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