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The selected country and language determine your trading conditions, product prices and special offers. Due to the need to change IT systems resulting from Brexit, we have temporarily suspended sales to individual customers and the possibility of registration for new individual customers from the UK. The parameters system can also interpret correctly basic numerical prefixes of the values, for example - miliamperes - m; kilovolts - k; nanofarads - n. Amperes - A; volts - V; farads - F etc. In the case of text parameters, the value of a parameter may be quickly searched by typing the name or part of the name in the search box. Customer symbol — here you can enter your own denomination for a TME product. After entering your symbols to the system, you can refer to them while searching products in the catalogue. Transfer Multisort Elektronik sp. Ustronna 41, Łódź hereby informs you that it will be the controller of your personal data.

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